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Atlas O 2-Rail 3-Bay Centerflow Hoppers

Atlas recently unveiled the 2-rail and 3-rail O Scale Premier line 3-Bay Centerflow Hoppers, marking their first production run of newly acquired MTH tooling. As a serious collector, I jumped at the opportunity and acquired all the Union Pacific road numbers. Let’s dive into the details!


Atlas offered these models in both 4-packs and singles, each with unique road numbers. The 4-packs sported four distinct road numbers, while the singles gave a choice of two. Buyers had the choice of six different road names, including BNSF, Chicago & North Western, Grand Trunk Western, Missouri Pacific, Union Pacific, and Vermont Railway. You can check out the Atlas listing here.

My haul included the Union Pacific 4-pack and two singles, each with a unique road number, adding up to 6 UP road numbers in total. The 3-rail and 2-rail versions were priced as follows:

3-rail 4-pack $319.80 USD

2-Rail 4-pack $339.80 USD

3-Rail single $79.95

2-Rail single $84.95

By the time they started production, all preorders had sold out. If you missed the preorder, your only option was to locate a dealer who had bought a few extra.

Despite originating from a previous MTH model, these are some of the best rolling stock models MTH had produced. Constructed entirely of plastic, the model boasts a modern aesthetic with intricate detailing. Key features like the ladder, walkway, and piping are small yet sharp. The model also features see-through walkways.

2-Rail Trucks

I opted for the 2-rail “scale wheel” models. These models maintain the same body but with different trucks and couplers. The trucks come with insulated scale wheels, and the scale couplers are body-mounted. Both the 3-rail and 2-rail models can handle O-31 curves. Notably, the trucks, identical to those used by MTH, do not feature roller bearings and have fixed sides.

The trucks are the same models used by MTH that do not feature roller bearings. The sides are fixed.


The 2-rail hoppers run impressively smooth and quiet. Their silence exceeds that of the 3-rail versions, thanks to the material of the wheels and the absence of the center pick-up wheel. Among the 6 hoppers I acquired, only two showed a slight wobble.

Final Thoughts

I’m thrilled with these models. In fact, I’ve been hunting for more 2-rail 4-pack versions to expand my collection. If Atlas decides to produce another run, I’m definitely on board for more. I highly recommend these hoppers if you’re in the market for modern, large models.

By Chris Nation

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