2 Rail Atlas Model Trains o scale Union Pacific

Atlas Master O Gunderson Multi-Max Auto Rack

The highly anticipated new model from Atlas has arrived and it did not disappoint. In this review, we will look at the details of this model, providing you with close-up pictures that showcase the excellence and precision that Atlas has achieved.

MTH Trains o scale Union Pacific

Union Pacific #1111 MTH 2-Rail O Scale SD70ACe

The 2020 Vol 1 catalog saw MTH’s unique release of the Union Pacific “Powered by the People” SD70ACe #1111. Recently, I managed to secure it from a dealer who had it in stock. Let’s delve into the design and features of this standout model.

844 Broadway Limited Imports FEF3 Northern HO Scale Model Trains Steam Union Pacific

Broadway-Limited Imports Warranty Repair – UP FEF-3 #844 6640

I recently sent in a new Broadway-Limited Imports HO Scale FEF-3 Union Pacific model for warranty repair that had paint and smoke unit issues out of the box. This is my experience with the warranty replacement.

844 FEF3 Northern lionel Model Trains o scale Steam Union Pacific YouTube

Lionel Legacy FEF-3 Union Pacific #844

Uploaded a short video of my O Scale Lionel Legacy FEF-3 Union Pacific 844. The Living Legend! Pulling a long line of Lionel 21″ Union Pacific passenger cars. Might be a surprise appearance of another popular Union Pacific Heritage locomotive!

lionel Model Trains MTH Trains o scale Steam Union Pacific

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lionel Model Trains o scale Steam Union Pacific

Lionel USRA 2-8-8-2

844 FEF3 Northern G Scale Model Trains Union Pacific USA Trains

USA Trains FEF3 Northern Union Pacific #844


MTH Gas Turbine Electric Locomotive “Big Blow” #5

N Scale Turbine Uncategorized Union Pacific Standard Turbines (Gallery)

Image Micro-Trains Line Model Trains Union Pacific

N Scale Micro-Trains Line UP Heavyweights