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Union Pacific #1111 MTH 2-Rail O Scale SD70ACe

The 2020 Vol 1 catalog saw MTH’s unique release of the Union Pacific “Powered by the People” SD70ACe #1111. Recently, I managed to secure it from a dealer who had it in stock. Let’s delve into the design and features of this standout model.

Union Pacific’s Design

The 2-Rail O Scale PS3 version 22-2126-2, complete with scaled wheels, is a spectacle to behold. The eye-catching red and yellow racing stripe adorning the top immediately grabs attention, marking my favorite part of the design.

MTH Union Pacific SD70ACe #1111

However, the road number, #1111, is not in its typical place below the window. In a twist, it’s situated toward the front on the nose, and you’ll notice the text is smaller too.

MTH Union Pacific SD70ACe #1111

Moreover, the sides showcase images of employees working diligently on the railroad. Each side is unique, highlighting different people, while the American flag proudly features directly behind the cab on both sides.

2-Rail Features


Comparatively speaking, this model mirrors its 3-Rail counterpart in most aspects. The trucks and gears remain consistent, with the exception of the actual wheels. The scale wheels, thinner and flatter than the Hi-rail version, are a definite improvement for those who don’t favor the look of the Hi-rail wheels.

MTH 2-rail scale wheels SD70ACe


Transitioning to one of the key differentiators in the 2-rail model, the fixed pilots, are a favorite of mine. Most MTH and Lionel 3-rail models possess front pilots attached to the trucks, facilitating the navigation of short radius curves. When a train rounds a curve, the pilots rotate with the truck. This isn’t an accurate depiction of a prototypical engine negotiating curves, making this feature a preferred choice for those dissatisfied with 3-rail trucks. The best part? These models still operate on O-72 curves.

MTH scale wheel fixed pilots SD70ACe


One crucial point of distinction with MTH’s scale wheeled models is that they do not come equipped with couplers. Buyers need to purchase their own couplers and install them. My go-to is the Kadee 806 short centerset coupler, particularly suitable for the extremely large O-99 and O-108 curves I use.


I employ DCC for all my trains using the Digitrax Loconet system. My controller of choice is the wireless Digitrax DT602D, capable of controlling two train consists simultaneously and rapidly switching between 10 train consists via a recall menu selection by the 4-digit address. For this model, I modified the DCC address to the long address 1111.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, anyone with an interest in collecting heritage units should consider acquiring this model. Its stunning appearance, excellent performance on 2-rail track, and full DCC compatibility make it a worthwhile investment – if you’re lucky enough to find one!

By Chris Nation

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