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Atlas Master O Gunderson Multi-Max Auto Rack

The highly anticipated new model from Atlas has arrived and it did not disappoint. In this review, we will look at the details of this model, providing you with close-up pictures that showcase the excellence and precision that Atlas has achieved.

Atlas Master Gunderson Auto Rack

The prototype Gunderson Multi-Max Auto Rack has revolutionized the transportation of vehicles on North American rails since its introduction in 2013 by Greenbrier Companies. The design allows for seamless configuration changes between Bi-Level and Tri-Level setups, all without the need for adding or removing decks. With more than 10,000 cars currently in operation, it has become an iconic sight on railway networks. Now, Atlas presents their rendition in the O Scale Master Rolling Stock line. Let’s delve into the details and features that make this model stand out in the industry.

Atlas Master Gunderson Auto Rack

Model Options

Available in both 2-rail and 3-rail versions, the Atlas O Scale Master Rolling Stock line ‘Gunderson Multi-Max Auto Rack’ is priced between $130 and $140, depending on the rail version and any dealer pre-order discounts, this is the price for what I already think is the best auto rack on the market. With five road names to choose from (BNSF, CP, KCS, NS, UP), each accompanied by four road numbers, there is a decent selection to choose from. This order, I purchased the four Union Pacific road numbers. I have a second order on the way with one of each additional road name that we’ll look at in another post.

You can see all the available model options here:

Atlas Master Gunderson Auto Rack


One of the standout features of the Atlas O Scale Master Line ‘Gunderson Multi-Max Auto Rack’ is the incredibly fine details. The lettering is sharp, small, and exudes a remarkable level of authenticity. The model also boasts more separately applied details, such as piping along the bottom, compared to its competitors. (cough* cough* Lionel’s 2016’s model) As soon as you hold this model in your hands, you will immediately appreciate its weight and feel. It’s definitely in a class of its own, bridging the gap between more affordable options and higher-priced brass models that can cost hundreds of dollars more.

Atlas Master Gunderson Auto Rack
Atlas Master Gunderson Auto Rack

Competitor Models

Not to make this an Atlas vs Lionel battle but here is a quick pick of what is currently available in the O scale market vs this new Atlas model.

Atlas vs Lionel O Scale Auto Racks
Side screen comparison. Lionel(2016) on the left, Atlas(2023) on the right

There are far more separately applied details, the print is smaller and more crisp and the holes are smaller on the side screens.

But let’s move on and focus on the Atlas model. The model in my opinion is the best offering in any model where my collection includes models from Scale Trains which offer the best in N and HO scale, and USA Trains which offers the only model in G. I will note, I don’t have any brass models of auto racks but they usually go for twice the price in HO scale vs these models in O scale.

Gunderson Auto Racks in G(USA Trains), O(Atlas), HO and N(Scale Trains)

Potential Issues

While the Atlas O Scale Master Line ‘Gunderson Multi-Max Auto Rack’ is an exceptional model, it is worth noting a couple of minor imperfections. I saw post on social media where a dealer reported Atlas glued the doors shut due to manufacturing issues related to keeping them closed. My Lionel version has the same issues so I don’t think that would have been a huge problem, but they cancelled the addition add-on for an interior rack for model cars to sit on. Additionally, small molding imperfections can be seen on the roof where the plastic injection molding was cut off. However, these minor flaws do not detract from the overall quality and realism of the model.

Also, I have the 2-rail version and the wheels are slightly scratched. I haven’t seen this from Atlas before but it’s not noticeable when the car is on the track.

Atlas Master Gunderson Auto Rack

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Atlas O Scale Master Line ‘Gunderson Multi-Max Auto Rack’ sets a new benchmark for auto rack models in any scale. With its unparalleled level of detail, comparable to ScaleTrains’ HO version, this model truly stands out. The lettering, separately applied details, and the impressive weight of the model combine to create a replica that captures the essence of the prototype. Despite minor imperfections hardly worth noting, the Atlas O Scale Master Rolling Stock ‘Gunderson Multi-Max Auto Rack’ establishes itself as one of the best offerings by any manufacturer. I highly recommend trying to find one still available because these were sold out from Atlas during pre-orders.

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By Chris Nation

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