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TrainWorld Exclusive Atlas 40′ Containers

Atlas offers model railroad intermodal containers in O, HO, and N scales, and now TrainWorld is introducing an exclusive run of custom TrainWorld branded 40′ models. These containers feature the same level of detail as other Atlas containers, with the TrainWorld logo and the phrase “THE CLOSEOUT KINGS” on top. As a collector, I couldn’t resist getting a few in each scale. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Atlas TrainWorld O HO N scale intermodal model railroad continers
O, HO and N scale Atlas 40′ containers
Atlas O, HO and N scale containers.

Pricing offers the N and HO scale containers in 3-packs, while the O scale containers are sold individually with two road number options. Here are the current prices on For my purchase, I ordered two O scale containers, two HO 3-packs, and two N scale 3-packs. The shipping cost to North Carolina was $14.99.


When comparing intermodal containers from different manufacturers, the decals are generally similar. However, it’s worth noting that Atlas containers have separately applied door locking bars, which adds a nice touch to the overall appearance. Unlike some other containers, these models come with the locking bars already applied during production, so there’s no need for additional assembly. Although the doors are non-functioning and don’t open, it’s not an issue for me as I rarely have the need to open them anyway. (Note: I have only seen functioning doors on G scale containers made by USA Trains.)

O, HO and N scale Atlas 40′ container door detail

N Scale

The TrainWorld exclusive containers are available in a distinct TrainWorld blue color. It’s worth mentioning that the blue shade differs slightly between the HO/N scale and O scale containers. The O scale model has a dark navy blue, while the HO and N scale containers have a more vibrant blue. However, this minor difference in color should not be a concern for most collectors since they still look great. Here’s a detailed view of the top and bottom of an N scale container.

Atlas 40′ intermodal container – TrainWorld exclusive

All scales of these containers are stackable, with the HO and N scales featuring molded alignment pins. When stacked together, they fit perfectly. However, I encountered some issues when trying to stack them with my N scale Kato 53′ containers, which are the type of well cars I use. The Atlas containers could be stacked on top of the Kato containers, but the reverse was not possible due to misalignment. Nevertheless, they fit well inside the well car, as the alignment holes on the 53′ well car accommodated the 40′ Atlas containers.

Atlas 40′ container on top/Kato 53′ container on bottom. They do not align perfectly.
Kato 53′ intermodal well car with Atlas 40′ container
Atlas 40′ container on top/Kato 53′ container on bottom.

HO Scale

Similar to the N scale containers, the HO scale models faced the same stacking issue when trying to stack them with my 40′ ScaleTrains containers in well cars. They fit inside the well cars individually but cannot be stacked with the ScaleTrains containers. Therefore, it’s best to keep them separate. I advise against forcing them into the alignment holes, as it may damage the molded pins, which cannot be fixed.

Atlas 40′ container in ScaleTrains 40′ well car
ScaleTrains 40′ container on top/Atlas 40′ container on bottom

O Scale

In the O scale containers, the alignment pins are separately applied, and I found it necessary to glue them in place to prevent them from falling out. I used super glue to secure them to the bottom of each container. By doing so, they align perfectly with my well cars and existing containers, all of which are made by Atlas. With the O scale containers, you can easily stack the 40′ container beneath or on top of the 53′ container.

Atlas O scale 40′ TrainWorld container with white pins glued in place
Atlas O scale 40′ TrainWorld container positioned in an Atlas 53′ well car. Perfect fit!
40′ Atlas container on top of 53′ Atlas container in a 53′ Atlas diecast well car

More Photos

Final Thoughts

As a fan of intermodal bulk trains and auto carrier trains, I couldn’t resist adding these unique 40′ containers to my collection. I’m pleased with my purchase and highly recommend them to anyone looking for distinctive containers to enhance their collection. I also hope that Atlas will consider producing another run of TrainWorld branded containers, this time in 53′ or 48′ sizes. If they do, I’ll definitely be adding a few of those to my collection as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post. If you’re interested in seeing more of my collection and model railroad endeavors, feel free to check out my Instagram page at I regularly post updates and share photos of my trains and accessories.

By Chris Nation

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