TrainWorld Exclusive Atlas 40′ Containers

Atlas provides model railroad intermodal containers in O, HO and N scales and now TrainWorld is offering an exclusive run of custom TrainWorld branded 40′ models. They feature the same details as all of the other Atlas containers produced with, TrainWorld logo and the phrase “THE CLOSEOUT KINGS” on top. I purchased a few in each scale, so let’s take a look at them.

Atlas TrainWorld O HO N scale intermodal model railroad continers
O, HO and N scale Atlas 40′ containers
Atlas O, HO and N scale containers.


The N and HO scale containers are offered in 3 packs and the O scale is offered individually but with two road number options. Here are the current prices offered on I ordered two in O, two HO 3 packs and two N scale 3 packs. Shipping was $14.99 from TrainWorld to North Carolina.


When comparing intermodal containers between different manufacturers, the decals are roughly the same but look for separately applied door locking bars. All of these models are separately applied and look great. But they are applied during production, you don’t have to apply them. They’re non functioning and the doors don’t open. Something I’ve only seen in G scale containers made by USA Trains. I never have a need to open the doors anyways.

O, HO and N scale Atlas 40′ container door detail

N Scale

The containers are only offered in TrainWorld blue but you’ve probably noticed the blue between the HO/N and O are slightly different. The O scale model is a dark navy blue and the HO and N scales are more vibrant. Most people don’t run multiple scales like I do so this should never be a complaint. It’s not one for me as they look great. Here’s a look at the bottom and top of an N scale container.

Atlas 40′ intermodal container – TrainWorld exclusive

All scales are stackable with the HO and N scales having molded in alignment pins. Together they stack perfectly but when trying to stack them with my N scale Kato 53′ containers, which is the type of well cars I’m running them in, they don’t exactly line up. I could stack the Atlas container on top of the Kato container, but the Kato container would not align well enough to stack on top of the Atlas. Fitting in the well car was fine. The alignment holes on the 53′ well car were able to fit the 40′ Atlas containers.

Atlas 40′ container on top/Kato 53′ container on bottom. They do not align perfectly.
Kato 53′ intermodal well car with Atlas 40′ container
Atlas 40′ container on top/Kato 53′ container on bottom.

HO Scale

The HO models had the same issue when I tried to fit them in my 40′ ScaleTrains well cars. They would fit in the well cars themselves, but would not stack with the 40′ ScaleTrains containers. You’ll have to keep them separate. I don’t advise in forcing them in the alignment holes, you’ll bend and crush the molded pins and you can’t fix them.

ScaleTrains 40′ container on top/Atlas 40′ container on bottom

O Scale

The O scale containers offer separately applied alignment pins that you have to fit. I super glued these in place otherwise they’ll fall out. I glued them to the bottom of each container. The picture below shows the white pins glued to the bottom of the container on the right. With the well cars and my existing containers being made by Atlas, they all align perfectly. You can stack the 40′ container underneath the 53′ container or vise versa.

Atlas O scale 40′ TrainWorld container with white pins glued in place
Atlas O scale 40′ TrainWorld container positioned in an Atlas 53′ well car. Perfect fit!
40′ Atlas container on top of 53′ Atlas container in a 53′ Atlas diecast well car

More Photos

Final Thoughts

Intermodal bulk trains along with auto carrier trains are two of my favorite trains to run, so I had to pick these up. I’m glad I did and recommend it to anyone looking to add a unique 40′ container to their collection. I’m hoping they make another run in 53′ or 48′ size containers as well. I’ll be sure to pick a few of those up.

If you made it this far thanks for reading and check out my Instagram account at Thanks for reading!